Zimbabwean's president suspects political faction was behind attempt on his life

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Mnangagwa did not mention the former First Lady as a suspect, although it is well known that she harbored political ambitions and is accused of having tried to take over the presidency from her husband, former President Robert Mugabe.

HARARE, June 27 (Xinhua) -- Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said he suspects remnants of a faction led by former First Lady Grace Mugabe to be behind the bomb attack targeting him last Saturday that resulted in the death of two people and left 47 others injured.

He said he did not know whether it was one individual involved.

He said Zimbabwe remained one of the most stable countries in the region.

"I would think it is broader than one person. I would think this is a political action by some aggrieved persons," he said.

He said the country would not be put on high security alert and was still safe for investors after the incident which he said was a "criminal action."

"It does not give any dent to the stability of the country nor the law and order of the country but of course we must make sure the population is protected by hunting down these criminals and only when we have got them are we going to be able to assess the extent to which the network spreads."

Mnangagwa told British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Wednesday in an interview that although he had no evidence, he suspected members of the camp known as G40 to be behind the attack that took place when an explosive was fired at his entourage as he left a campaign rally in Bulawayo.

"There is no need for us to say there will be a security clampdown or putting the country on security alert. No, this is a criminal activity," he said.

"My hunch, without evidence is that the people who are aggrieved by the new dispensation are the G40. That is a logical and reasonable conclusion one may make but until evidence is brought forward and until you pin down as to why has this happened when you get the person, he will then tell us his story and why that person did what he did," he said.

The former First Lady is, reported by state media ZBC, currently in Singapore with Mugabe who flew there to receive medical attention.